Mozztronics CS-1 Cabinet simulator

Mozztronics CS-1 Cabinet simulator

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Ever wanted to record guitar without using an amp and a microphone. Ever wanted to use a small amp on stage but get a “big rig” sound from the PA. The Mozztronics CS-1 Cabinet Simulator is the answer. We simulate power amp overdrive and speaker breakup with the GAIN control, and then run the signal through an accurate frequency emulation of a Celestion filled quad box.

This pedal is designed to be run last in the chain of effects pedals. If you are using the CS-1 when playing live, the LOOP output is provided for use with an on stage amp for monitoring, and the OUTPUT goes to the mixer. If you are using the CS-1 for recording, simply connect OUTPUT to an input on your audio interface.

GAIN controls the amount of simulated “amp” overdrive from clean to a mild crunch to emulate the overdrive & compression of the power section in a guitar amp, we also emulate the speaker breakup you would get when driving an amp hard, MODE selects between a clean and a dirty amp, TONE controls how bright the output signal is, turn this up to simulate an open back 1×12 or 2×12 cabinet or turn it down to simulate a sealed 4×12 cabinet. VOLUME adjusts the overall output volume.

In CLEAN MODE, you may wish to turn the GAIN up and the VOLUME down for best effect. In DIRTY MODE start with the GAIN at a low setting and set the VOLUME higher.

If you are recording, as with any recorded track, you may need to apply some equalisation or other effects to the signal. Play around also if you have a VST cabinet simulator with your recording software. There is no right or wrong, if it sounds good, then it is good.

The sound sample was recorded using a Gibson Les Paul Custom, through Mozztronics effects pedals, and the CS-1 Amp & Cabinet Simulator into a M-AUDIO usb interface.

Have a listen Amp & Cabinet Simulator CS-1

Or download the sample from my Dropbox Amp & Cabinet Simulator CS-1

CS1 video from the SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedal Show

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.

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