Mackie ProFX8v2 Mixer

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The Mackie ProFX8v2 8-channel mixing console features a built-in effects engine, and is ideal for a bunch of live sound applications ranging from live bands and DJs to lecturers and presenters. With 4 XLR mic inputs with low-noise Mackie Vita microphone preamps, per channel 3-band EQ, 1 aux send, and an FX out for feeding external processors, the ProFX8v2 offers professional features to suit a wide variety of configurations.

The built-in USB interface allows for recording the show or provide music playback via Mac or Windows computer.

Key Features

- 4 low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps
- ReadyFX effects engine with 16 effects like reverbs, delays, and choruses
- 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors
- Built-in USB interface to record the show or provide music playback
- Aux output ideal for driving a monitor mix
- 3 stereo channels plus extra stereo return for external effects or stereo playback devices
- 60mm faders for input channels, return, and main/monitor masters
- 3-band EQ (80 Hz, 2.5 kHz, and 12 kHz) on all channels
- Directly connect guitar, bass, and other instruments via Hi-Z input
- Stereo RCA tape I/O with input level control
- Headphone output with separate level control
- Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced 1/4" main outputs
- FX mute with remote control via footswitch
- Break switch mutes all channels for music playback between sets
- Built-in USB recording interface with simple setup via Mac or PC
- For live recording and home studios
- Stream playback music for live or studio applications
- Includes Tracktion recording software
- Rugged design
- Solid steel chassis protects your investment
- Tough ABS side protection
- Robust internal multi-voltage power supply


Equivalent Input Noise:
150 ohm source impedance, 20 Hz to 20 kHz:
Mic in to insert send out, max gain -125 dBu

Residual Output Noise:  
All outputs, master levels off, all channel levels off: -95 dBu
All outputs, master levels unity, one channel level unity: -80 dBu

Frequency Response:  
Mic input to any output (gain at unity, +0 dB / -1 dB): 20 Hz to 30 kHz

22 Hz to 80 kHz bandwidth: Mic in to Main out (+4 dBu output): < 0.03%

Attenuation and Crosstalk:  
Adjacent Inputs @ 1 kHz: -90 dB
Inputs to Outputs @ 1 kHz: -80 dB
Fader Off @ 1 kHz: -75 dB
Mute Switch / Break Switch Mute @ 1 kHz: -90 dB

Common Mode Rejection Ratio:  
Mic In to Main Out, max gain, 1 kHz: 70 dB

Maximum Level:  
All inputs: +22 dB
Main Out XLR: +28 dBu
All other outputs: +22 dBu
Impedance:  Mic In 3.8 kOhms
Channel Insert Return 10 kOhms
All other inputs ≥ 20 kOhms
Tape output 1 kOhms
Phones output 25 ohms
All other outputs 120 ohms unbalanced, 240 ohms balanced

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