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Macdaddy Koala Stomp box


Macdaddy Koala Stomp box


The Koala is the Big Daddy of the MacDaddy bunch, a custom heel/toe designed stompbox containing our specially design pickup providing a solid bottom end thump at one end, while the other end has the same pickup with 4 nickel tambourine jingles giving you, a “thump ching” combination. each pickup has its own dedicated input allowing the user to EQ each end of the stompbox separately allowing complete freedom for the player. Just plug straight in to your mixer or amp, turn up and away you go (there is no need to DI these instruments, although if you wish to you can, the choice is yours).This really is the ultimate stompbox, affording the player, style, versatility and an awesome sound.
All of our stomp boxes are handmade in Australia on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, from 100% camphor laurel, a beautiful timber with fantastic acoustic properties that is considered a noxious weed in Australia, making the use of this timber not only perfectly suited for the task, but also ecologically friendly.
Because each one is hand made from unique timbers, no 2 are alike, the pictures on this listing are an indication only, your stompbox will have different grain marking, the internals will be the same
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Length 290 mm or 11.4 inches
Width 150mm or 5.9 inches
Height 37mm or 1.45 inches
Weight 1kg or 2.2lb
Body solid Camphor Laurel
Pickup (that’s our secret).
Warranty: 2 years (repair or replace)
Retail price $349.00

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