Fender Sub Sonic Baritone electric guitar from 2000 . Preloved

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Just arrived is this rare Fender Subsonic Stratocaster baritone guitar .

Its been played and therefore has scratches , a few chips and marks over the body . Frets are still good (around 75% ) so this one is ready to be played . Comes with an old non original hardcase . 

2000 Fender American Series Subsonic Baritone Stratocaster

For a very short time from around 1999-2000, Fender produced one of the coolest versions of the Stratocaster in very limited numbers. While this looks like any old Strat at first glance, after hearing it and playing it you will quickly discover that this is something entirely different. This Subsonic Strat sports a 27.5" scale and it is tuned to B standard...Thats right, its a baritone! Baritone guitars have been the closely guarded secret of studio guitar players for decades. Whether you are burning up the fretboard with some chickin pickin, spacing out with some deep, rich chords or playing heavy, down tuned metal this guitar will completely open up your concept of what you can do with an electric guitar. It is tuned in the same intervals as any normal guitar so you can pick it up and instantly play anything that you play on any other guitar, just a few steps lower. 

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