Behringer GTX60 - 60 Watt Guitar Amp

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60W of vintage and modern sounds with digital FX.

The Behringer GTX60 guitar amplifier features VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) technology, which provides an extensive palette of vintage-style tube, as well as sparkling clean and ultra-modern high-gain tones. Team all this tone up with built-in digital FX and 60W, and you™ve got an extremely versatile little powerhouse of an amp”for far less than the cost of a tube combo.

Because an in-tune guitar sounds so much better than the alternative, and standalone tuners often mysteriously vanish (or have dead batteries), Behringer built a terrific chromatic tuner right into each GTX amp. Just plug in, hit the dedicated Tuner button and follow the blinking LEDs to pitch-perfection.

All GTX Series amps have split personalities: one that features dulcet-clean output, and one that drives your tone with an aggressive punch that only tubes, or our VTC modeling, can generate. So when the time comes, you™ll be ready for everything from mellow blues to metal mayhem.

The Clean channel is elegant in its simplicity. The sound is open and uncolored and can be tailored to your needs by Volume and the analog passive equalizer. The Overdrive channel features Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble and Behringer' proprietary Contour control, with its radical midrange sweep. All this versatility enables you to artfully define your œperfect tone, from traditional to œscooped- modern and anything in-between.

Featuring a full-blown 24-bit digital FX processor with 16 great sounding reverbs, choruses, flangers and delays. This tasty collection is a must-have for any guitarist and includes room, stage, concert and cathedral reverbs, slap-back and medium echoes, two long delays, plus slow and fast modulation effects”all right at your fingertips (or toes, thanks to the included footswitch).

It takes a special speaker to handle all this incredible technology, tube-like tone and brutal output power. That' why the GTX60 is fitted with a handmade, heavy-duty Bugera 12" vintage guitar speaker. These babies were custom-designed and handcrafted specifically for the GTX Series, and are ideally suited for classic sound reproduction.

Nothing frees your spirit like cranking an amp and unleashing some pure, hot volume”but your neighbors probably won™t appreciate an impromptu concert at three in the morning. That's why GTX Series amps feature a headphone output for keeping your late-night jams personal. The signal from the Line Out/Phones jack applies speaker simulation to the sound in your headphones, so your tone will stay intact. These amps also invite you to jam along with your favorite songs by connecting your CD/Tape or MP3 player to the CD IN jack. CD IN can also be used to send a signal (without speaker simulation) to another guitar amp.

Powerful 60-Watt, 2-channel guitar amplifier with authentic tube modeling
Digital FX processor with reverb, chorus, flanger and delay
Integrated chromatic tuner with auto-mute function
Heavy-duty 12'' Bugera vintage guitar speaker for classic sound reproduction
Independent Bass and Treble tone controls on each channel
Contour control for radical mid-range sweep
Additional Headphone and Line output with integrated speaker simulation
Dedicated CD input
FX loop for external effects devices
External Speaker Output for more flexibility
Dual footswitch for channel selection and FX bypass included
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged

Call or click to have it all for a fraction of the price you™d pay for a big tube rig.

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