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1974 Music Man sixty-five 115 amplifer


1974 Music Man sixty-five 115 amplifer



Music Man had its genesis in 1974 when Leo Fender teamed up with former Fender employees to form Music Man, following the sale of Fender to CBS Records in 1965. It was that year that the company started producing its first product, an amplifer designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the “ Sixty Five". The amp instantly proved a hit, with high-profile guitarists using the bullet-proof, fantastic-sounding amps. Guitarists and bands who have used Music Man amps take in all styles of playing, including Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Joe Strummer, Albert Lee, Robbie Robertson, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler, James Burton, and Merle Travis. The amps were characterised by their hybrid design, and were hand built. The Music Man amps use the classic 6CA7 / EL-34 power valves in push-pull in the output stage (has two balanced new EL34 Groove Tubes) and a 12AX7 splitter/phase inverter feeding them, after a well-designed, reliable and extremely usable 2-channel solidstate pre-amp, with all the usual Fender® appointments of lush spring reverb, great tremolo, bright switch and even a deep switch. Unbelievable clean tones, yet when the power stage is pushed hard, the amp has full, natural valve distortion. This was enhanced by the fact the amp has a low/high power switch, which drops the plate voltage on the low power setting so the natural valve distortion happened earlier. On high, output is rated as 65w RMS. The low setting reduces the plate voltage from 700 to 500v, which reduces the output to about 35w. To increase the life of the power tubes, it is recommended to use the low setting when not performing. Impedance can be switched from 4 to 8 ohm, and there is a speaker extension input at the rear of the chassis. The amp is fitted with its original 15" alnico-magnet speaker (horseshoe magnet) which is rated 75w, which is extremely loud when the master volume is turned up, and will either deliver plenty of headroom, or crunch if the second volume is turned up. The original CTS pots date this amp to 1974 (33rd week), and with a serial code of BN01459, together with the ‘Blackface’ grill cloth, this amp is a very early release (first 12 months of production). However despite its 43 years, the tolex, grill cloth and chrome are in fantastic condition. The amp is also supplied with its MM foot switch that operates the reverb and tremolo, and a custom USA made padded D2F cover, and is fitted with an original set of wheels. This vintage Music Man amp measures 62cm(L) x 56cm(H) x 28cm(W), and weighs in at a comfortable 23kgs. The amp has two channels, each with two inputs. The first inputs are for your instrument while the second has a lower db rating. The first channel has volume, treble and bass (no reverb). Second channel has volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, intensity, speed and master volume. There are three switches - bright/normal; deep/normal & on/off with high and low settings. Pilot light is red. Power is 117AC (USA three pin plug). A 500w step-down transformer is supplied to connect to 240AC . 

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